A Few More ...

Nice windows, nice corbells. The next has similar windows, is in much better shape, and also has some fine Corinthian columns, unless they're Doric, or maybe Ironic. 8-)

An unusual window pattern:

And, some frames, raw, lest you think all I do is wander around taking attic window photos.


Another, and strange visitors

I like the angled top, and the little muntins at the top. An interesting house, with a fieldstone foundation, porch columns and chimney.

And now, a refuge from the woods, a wild turkey. It appears to be a hen, and what it is doing on my neighbors roof, is a mystery, though it could have to do with sex, and babies, or poults.


In 1471 and 1844, respectively ...

The Large Turf, The Monumental Turf
Graphische Sammlung Albertina, Vienna, Austria. 

Self Portrait
Alte Pinakothek, Munich, Germany.

On this day, May 21, in 1471, Albrecht Durer was born. In 1844, Henri Rousseau was born.

The Sleeping Gypsy
The Museum of Modern Art, New York


Dormers and Attic Windows, cont.

A couple more of the houses in the neighborhood. The first has rather simple windows, for a house with such a "rich" roofline. The second has a different style window for each dormer.

And now,  a rather large corbell, with teeth.


Dormers and Attic Windows.

 Dodson's Castle
It is in the process of being painted; the front part almost done. I find the "sun ray" motif, at the gable tops, especially interesting.
 Really, attic windows.
The "finials" at the roof ends, appear to be wood, mortised onto a metal roof "cap". Originally, the house was probably far more colorful, like the first one.
And, now, for something a little different.
A curved top; in frames a spandrelle, and a curved roof, and the many little panes of glass.




 This kind. Sometimes called Rebate.

I cut rabbets either on the shaper, or using a groover on the table saw. Below is a 1/2 inch groover, sitting on some rough lumber. The dark, perpendicular marks on the board are from the stickering process. As lumber is sawn, ripped to thickness, it is stacked with spacers between boards, called stickers, to allow air to move freely and the board to start the drying process.

The middle image, the drawing, is an example of the design process of a molding profile.


Off Topic, Attic Windows and Dormers.

In my walks about my neighborhood, I'm fascinated with the variety of attic windows and Dormers on some of the houses. It is an old neighborhood; there is one house, a few blocks from me, that started as a log cabin, but siding and plaster have transformed it. Mostly I'm intrigued by 19th. and early 20th. century homes. So, along with the Civil War monuments, expect to see some Dormers and attic windows:

This house has been resided, but the attic windows look original, very small double hung windows.

Love the multi-paned window, scroll sawed details, and the ornamental brickwork in the chiminey