Another Kim Hoffmann

"The Bride"

Both the painting, and the frame as a separate object of art, are part of the permanent collection at the South Bend Museum of Art.  Very nice, to have a frame accessioned as sculpture.

Here is a back view of the top of the painting and frame, showing the construction of the frame.


Kim Hoffmann painting.

The Gold Ring
Collection, South Bend Museum of Art

This frame is loosely based on medieval, architectonic frames. “Flames”, “leaves”, are sometimes seen,  usually on frames with a gable top. I've combined the gable, and "flames", as one. The joints are butt joined with floating tenons as reinforcement. Soon, I'll take some detail shots, as well as get some measurements.


Big Quadropod


 How to photograph big prints that need to stay flat. Above, I have clamped my tripod to an eight foot step ladder, at about the seven foot point. The camera is off, so I could shoot the setup. Aperture priority, 4.5, custom WB, and a 30 second timer, so I could step off of the ladder, and get out of the way of the lights, and the ladder, tripod and camera could all"settle down".

Addenda: I'm doing photography for the South Bend Art Museum for the digital registrarial database. Some of the large objects, because they are unframed, or matted in some cases need to stay flat. The problem is then getting enough distance from the object to include all in the photo, and not use the wide end of the camera lens, where nasty barrel distortion lurks. Photoshop can fix a variety of ills, but getting it as right as possible in camera helps, and is also more time efficient.


Frame for Kim Hoffmann painting

"The Gold Ring"
Collection, South Bend Museum of Art

I have several more images of frames done for Kim Hoffmann coming soon, but as I've been out of the studio a lot, I'm not getting these done, nor doing much posting. Soon, some explanatory notes, but for now, the picture.