One of the neighborhood basswoods is close to flowering:

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OOPS ???

Unexplained mysterys, or maybe it's the "old math", done in a new way. I didn't catch this until the frame had been joined and splined, by my customer calling wanting the exact rabbett size. A gut wrenching moment, as we are on a deadline.

Once I've confirmed my idiocy, rather than rush into correcting, I've found it's better to walk away for a bit; let the nerves settle, and think about the proper procedure for correction.

And here, waiting for splines to be fit and glued in, and the proper size now.


D-Rings, or strap hangers


Some examples of D-Rings, or strap hangers. Far more secure than screw eyes. All of us who restore antique frames have seen damage from screw eyes failing. Screw holes should be drilled for the strongest installation. If wire is to be used, the hanger should optimally be angled in the direction the wire will go. On larger frames, two hangers matched to two wall hardware, is best. This requires some precision in measurement and installation. Securely wrapped wire loops can be attached to the D, allowing some adjustment to the wall screw or bolt. For really heavy objects, I usually make cleats, sometimes known as "French Cleats" from plywood. Two strips of ply with matching angles cut on the edge, attached to the frame and the wall so they can hook together.

Now, if you insist on screw eyes, at least wire them right.

1. Through the eye

2. Around the shank, and below the wire.

3. Back through the eye.

4. Wrap the wire around it self.

This makes the wire as low as possible, reducing the force against the one little screw. Physics. Also, as the route the wire follows is more complex, this makes the wire less likely to pull free.

There are commercially available other forms of frame hardware, some that include mechanisms for leveling.



Apparantly, mechanical competence is a hindrence to artistic genius, grumbles the old curmudgeon.



Bad Choices in Hanging Hardware, or "Hey, you artists, get offa my lawn".

Some examples from a recent exhibition I installed. 

Screw eyes are bad, made worse by wireing around the eye, so physics can have it's say, and leverage can pull that screw eye right out. Bending, then pull-out, followed by crashing. If one insists on using outmoded tech, at least run the wire through the eye, around the shank, then back out the eye, then wrapping.

Now the staples, well, they were actually solid, at least until the staples start to loosen as the wood ages and shrinks.

Personally, cup holders are never going to be a good choice. This particular frame is relatively heavy, and the cup holder is already bending from the strain. Soon, the fall.

Solutions, next post.


Now, gone with the wind.


Yesterdays poppies have been blown away by the winds, though it was a delightful day, cool dry and sunny. This morning the basswood bracks are littering the ground, victoms of the wind. I just discovered that basswood leaves are good as salad greens. Here, more on that.


And something else: Night Rabbits

I think i need my tripod, or monopod.