Ahh, Spring!


And again, summer.

Mostly I'm posting to work out settings for the new software.


And now, Summer in the City

If one looks closely, at the top of "The Bean", flying rats, winged rats, rock doves, rock pigeons, or just pigeons.


I'm using a new app for posting from an iPad, called Blogsy. Have another picture of a frame.

Here, a picture of frames:

Some picture frames; it is, after all, a blog mostly about frames and frame making.

Some photos

Winter Flowers
Mount Rushmore at Night

Those flowers are about three feet tall.
Mount Rushmore from our recent expedition looking at colleges, in the American West. This winter is one of the more "wintery" ones I've experienced in South Bend, noted for being a place with real winters.

Mysteries from a Cauldron of Crows


A photo from late in the day, near sunset, though the sun is obscured by heavy clouds and some storms off to the west. The Crows have been flying around and alighting in the trees, but are facing in random directions, rather then west as in the previous post.

Definitely an arcane and obscure ritual.

Besides Crows, we seem to be haveing an excess of humidity, frozen. ( It's not the cold, it's the humidity )

Both of the photos in this post have not been corrected, as I like the way they came from the camera. This is also a first post using an iPad Mini; there is, in spite of Apple's assertion that Macs just work, a certain amount of just working in order to find a way get photos from cameras to places where blogger can access them, and sized down. Curiously, many photo editors for phones and tablets have no provisions for resizing photos. Photogene was one solution, expensive by app standards, $2.99, but It does "work".