On Picture Framing, a small rant.

Picture framing, the unacknowledged bastard of the arts. Not even one of the decorative arts. There has been increased awareness of framing as an art, though when framing a picture, the highest success is for the labor of the framer to enhance the object, not his work. Many artists labor in the field of obscurity; for framers that is the norm. Hopefully, my thoughts will add some light to framing. There will be digressions, though, on art, Art, tools , techniques, and of course, off topic rants. Mostly my opinions, mine, on frames. Opinions. After 40 years, off and on working at framing, I have some opinions.

The small rant: When studying art, the art is viewed through book illustrations, slides, or on the interweb, wherein the image excludes the frame, and context. I firmly believe art needs to be viewed in context. If you would know art, and frames, go look at the real thing.