On seeing. Two Legged Rocking Chair

I know I have done it; think I "see" something one way, and then actually "see" that it is another. No, not the kind of seeing in actual illusions, more seeing what I think I should see, instead of what is actually there.

How many legs are there in the chair pictured above? How many legs do chairs usually have? I ask, because this chair has, at times been "seen" so differently than I see it, I who created it. The chair, like all art, displays influences from other artists and craft people.

Until recently, I have seen no other rocking chair like this, with two legs. George Nakashima made his famous "Conoid" chair, with two legs. I admit the influence. There is quite a bit of Sam Maloof, and quite a bit of James Krenov, though the Krenovian influence is subtle; more in a way of thinking and working that has influenced all that I do. James Krenov, highly recommended.

I bring this up, because I have noticed that the two leggedness of this chair is overlooked sometimes; the chair "feels" right, although it is a very unusual design.

Just my curmudge for the day.