Fret Sawed Ornaments


This was the first of several frames and designs using pierced and fret sawed ornaments. The corner is fret sawed from a block of wood, then "bread" sliced, flipped as needed, then glued to the corners where the waste has been removed., followed by carving as needed. The ornaments are only about an 1/8 inch thick, but due to the perpendicular sides, there is an entirely different quality than from straight carving, and with a definite Mid Eastern influence.


Another example of pierced, cut and carved ornaments, on an architectonic frame designed for two paintings. These ornaments were cut from 1/2 inch Birch plywood, bread sliced, thus getting two, matching ornaments. Carved after glue down. Designed for paintings by Kim Hoffmann, see elsewhere on the site. Neither of us seems to have an image with the paintings in the frame.