A new design?

A new design, sort of a curled leaf pattern, but also based on the stylization of the various patterns sometimes called after the painter, Childe Hassam.

These are another pair of the "Hassam" style frames; flat panels, a geometric quality to the moldings, with relatively simple patterns, though some get elaborate, with carved patterns on various steps of the molding. All three are "organic" in basis, though the middle is very stylized.

The top image, with it's burnished gold areas, is what I was striving for, though I'm not sure that that is that great.

The idea will never work if it isn't turned into something actual, and it may fail, or not. Time, a little time is needed. For me, the process of making something, the need to focus on the physical, makes it difficult for me to see with a clear and critical eye about a design, though there is a clear, critical eye about the technical aspects. Aesthetic vs technical.