Sunday Rant

A some what bedraggled Ken, getting ready to be eBayed by my wife, from her childhood collection.

Just a thought on a Sunday, as I'm listening to an album mentioned on TOP, see the links. I'm very responsive to jazz, like it a lot, but for some reason, I do not seek it out in the way I do classical. I'll have to think about that for a while ... in the mean time, "Ben and Sweets" is a delightful album.

My thought had to do with framing, and specifically the framing of mirrors, and affirmation and power. Most of us look in mirrors a lot ... yet the mirrors are nothing special ... don't you think that the affirmation and power of a really special mirror, one that frames YOU as special, important, Louis XV, sort of person would be important? New marketing program yowzahhh!!!!!

 Stuff I'm working on. The frame would be good for an affirmation of self though, don't you think? Designed as a vertical, kudos, a big bag of them, to any one who notices. Verticallity.

I'm sorry, it's a little tricky, as the image isn't that clear, but the bottom inner "bead", center, is not carved, which adds to the vertical feel.