Frames of another ilk.

I'm working on some frames for windows; restoring double-hung sash for a 1912 "four-square" house for a small "Green" organization. These sash are about 100 years old, and are easily restorable to the same functionality of any modern window. Add a storm, and they are completely competitive with any modern glazing method. And, in 50-60 years, they can be restored again; the weights will still be there, the rope can be replaced; the glass can be replaced, paint and putty, replaceable. The way these older windows are assembled and the maturity of the technology involved is just amazing. Unlike furniture, many of the sash are not glued at the joint; just pinned, and then the glazing, points and putty hold it all together as an integral unit.

I fear that many of the newer style windows, with the spring loaded balancing mechanisms, are going to be unrepairable in the future, due to lack of parts. With a traditional sash, weights can be recast; rotted out elements can be repaired or replaced; a mature technology, and the "eyes of your house".