An Old Painting

An older painting of mine, for which I just found a not very good slide of. I think the bright areas at left and right are from the lights rather than a part of the painting, but my visual memory is mainly of the overall color purple. The frame is a variation on, and refers to a "naive" style frame from the early 19th. century. See here. The painting is small, and in fact, the owner has it on a bookshelf, as a "standing" frame, as the sides are flat.

The original is a frame I've repeatedly come back to, as a source for some modern variations, and I've also done some that are somewhat faithful to the original. Here, a modern version in real wood, gasp!, white ash, stained a little.

That one frame has been a very fecund well for me, and here is an example of the variation being only in the color. The link has some other images of the frame.