Whilst looking for photos of my polydactyl cat, I ran across these and decided they needed to see the wide open spaces of the interwebs.

Probably 19th. century, a Chippendale style "Chinoserie" mirror frame, carved and gilt. The above is the after picture.

The frame in process. It had extensive lacunae (losses) at the arrises (edges) (just trying to educate everybody), numerous fractures and numerous cases of lost carvings. The frame is hand carved. The white is new gesso fills. The entire frame was regilt, 23K, water and size gilding.

I had to "make up" some missing ornaments, as there was only the one, and it was gone, but if you study frames, ornamentation is a language, that once learned, makes it relatively easy to fill in the missing "words". Of course, it took some time to learn the language. Just looking at frames is a start; then there are the classics; "The Grammar of Ornament", Owen Jones, and "The Encyclopedia of Ornament", A. Racinet. Both have modern reprints. Obtaining a catalog from Decorators Supply, in Chicago, is worth the price of admission, though not focused on framers needs.