The Very Littlest Dragon

 Frame, courtesy Baer Charlton, Art,  Laura Reynolds.

This is one of the rewards for the revamped Kickstarter project mentioned below, and repeated here.

The very first novel about a picture framing shop, really. The book was written by Baer Charlton, published photo journalist for over 20 years, professional picture framer for over 40 years, multi-medium artist since diapers, and illustrated by Laura Reynolds, a terrific sci/fi and fantasy artist. They are doing a Kick Starter project to fund the publication and distribution of the book, here. They need some help, so check it out.

Kick Starter is an All or Nothing method of funding creative projects, involving pledges of support and rewards for your pledge. Projects range from Art to inventions, books, films; anything creative that needs a little "Kick".