Painting with frame. By Me

Painting is egg tempera on a gessoed hardboard panel. All traditional, though I use an air brush for the smoothly graduated sky. Painting is SW Lake Michigan, looking at the dunes with a lowering sun, very loosely based on photographs. I'm trying more for a "feel"and emotion of place than an accurate depiction of place.

Frame is butt joined basswood, with floating mortise and tenon construction. (Biscuits). The shape was done with a bandsaw, including cutting the "rays", then carved. The bottom has had an additional 3/8 of an inch extra laminated on, as it was unbalanced at first. Feels better now. Gesso, acrylic color as a base coat, shellac, metal leaf, shellac and japan colors in VM&P Naphtha, as a wash.

Photo of painting is not the best, but egg tempera is, probably due to it's luminosity, hard to photograph accurately, as are frames ...

Frame is loosely based on, loosely being the operative word, inspired by might be more accurate, by the bottom front frame on the book cover above. It's the only frame of those six not in the book ... ???

Edited 12-13, changed picture for a better version.