Ginger, Snow Dog of the Frozen North, forges a path through the vast, white wasteland, of swirling frozen precipitation. Yesterday, the 1st., it started snowing, and it is still snowing, and blowing, and ... cold. Photo from this morning, the 2nd.

Taken with an iPhone, for which I have a new app, called 6x6, which does one thing; it shoots and saves in square format. I've fooled with square, but for some reason, I'm finding it quite interesting this time. It may have to do with the simplicity of this app. Previously I've found square to be inhibiting, but I'm seeing in the format now, so, some other squares from the last few days:

Holiday table. The Start of Snow. Giant Mulberry.

None of these is of any great importance, but the change from 3:2, 4:3, to 1:1 aspect is  ... interesting.