Pocket Cameras addenda.

The two pocket cameras. On the left, the tiny Elph 110HS, and the bigger S110.  The Elph is sporting a camera grip from Flipbac, which does improve it's "grippability".  I'm trying the grip on the new camera for awhile; so far it does add to the ability to one hand, hold the camera.

Two things of some import: the larger camera has the tripod socket centered on the lens, which helps if you are doing tripod aided panoramas. Far more important to me is that both cameras have a self contained lens cap. Lens caps are ... a ... PITA. Even if you 99 percent of the time put the damn thing in the same pocket, ... well sometimes you don't, and you can't find it. And, they have the despicable habit of coming off during transport. And, if it stays on, you have to stop and remove it, put it somewhere, and then take the picture. PITA, cause when Elvis does walk by, he's not waiting for you to fumble around trying to get your camera to work.

I routinely paint out the garish white paint, or silver that Canon uses, to announce what brand of camera being used. Just me.