Infinite Winter

Another few inches of snow; poor bears. News reports have winter lingering well into "spring". No breeze this morning, so the 15 degrees F felt almost balmy. This helps as well:
Yesterday I got in the lumber for a large "Victorian Excess" style frame, so soon some posts on framing.
And now for some technical minutia. I've just set the timer on my iPhone; sausages grilling on the gas grill, just outside the enclosed back porch where I'm sitting in front of that fire, above. The fire is in a Victorian era pot belly stove, that has had the ash pit filled with fire brick and ash so it can be used as a fireplace. Typing this post on a iPad Mini. The photos I took a few minutes ago have been importd into the Mini, processed in Photogene, and now posted.
(Oh, time to turn the sausages. Sausages are being mentioned, because eating a lot helps with winter.)
This is my first iPad; I've had a Kindle Fire, but the iPad feels more like a real computer rather than an entertainment device. The program I'm using to do this post, Blogsy, makes it very easy to post. That is something I could never do with the Fire. Probably possible, but steep learning curve. The photo editor, Photogene, is full featured, very inexpensive ($.99), and does something the much more touted programs, iPhoto, and Snapseed don't, is allow resizing of images for different purposes. Some complain that the virtual keyboards are difficult to use, but not being a touch typist, I find I'm faster than on my desk keyboard.
Email, of course, but I'm also doing word processing that can be easily linked to my desk machine. There are still some things that the desk machine excells at, but I'm finding more projects that I can do on the tablet. The few days I recently spent in NYC, with only the tablet, did not seem under powered computing wise. Entertainment; movies are great; the small screen, close, is surprisingly effective. Magazines and illustrated books, when done properly (still an issue for many publishers), especially the ability to zoom and change font sizes, let alone carry a vast quanity of material, and have access to an infinite more. I can even go to my local library and borrow books when I'm not in town. Interesting, warmed by the most ancient of technologies, while working on one of the most recent.