The Distant Sound of a Small Airplane

"Up in Michigan,
The Distant Sound of a Small Airplane"
Egg Tempera on panel

Another of my paintings, with another asymmetrical frame. The shape of the molding is based on a common style from the 20th. century, sometimes carved/textured, sometimes not. I, of course, have to fool with it. I'm very fond of the later Middle Ages, the frames and paintings, egg temperas, overwrought frames, multiple perspectives, or what I call a "rolling perspective", sort of looking down , and then out to the horizon. David Hockney has done some work on this, though he seems to be chasing the "goose" of the "camera lucida".

Asymmetrical frames, architectonic, framing from the dawn of the frame, where sometimes the "frame" and the painting are one piece of wood.

This painting needs an "Edward Kienholz" addition; a sound track of the distant small plane. Now that greeting cards have sound, this should not be as complicated as an endless loop tape recorder that Kienholz used. Work, work, work.