In an earlier post, I mentioned using computer prints for my carving patterns. In this photo of a partially completed corner, the process is visible. I often change little things in the design at the carving stage; and tell myself to alter the drawings.......but I seldom go back and alter drawings. I have some with added red arrows and marks, but at this stage of the frame I would rather work on it, than the drawing.

On the other side of this corner, I carved through into a natural void in the wood. This is a situation that requires modern methods, as any traditional filler takes too long to dry. Get the can of ordinary, automotive "Bondo" out. Wait, wait... not "Bondo", no, for the purpose of fee enhancement and justification, we will always refer to that one, as "catalyzed polyester resin". CPR can be carved in 5 to 10 minutes, getting harder the longer it sits. In about an hour it achieves oak like hardness. MinWax markets a very expensive version that is "blonde wood" colored; I prefer the red oxide colored version, available at any auto parts store. It is easier to use, I can always find it, and it's economical.

At this stage, the carving is still "rough". Some work with file and sandpaper, then the gesso layers. When all is dry, I'll refine more, in the gesso. There are tools designed to work gesso; I just use files, rifflers, small scrapers and carving tools.