The Sinister Vise

The left hand vise. Just to the right of the vise is a small circular item; a rare earth magnet. To the right of that is a brass dog. The large screw eye on the leg is for hanging an air nozzle.

The combination of three brass dogs, and three magnets, supports a shelf board, fitted with steel plates for the magnets to hold. I clamp sticks of molding in the vise for various operations; planing, molding with planes and a scratch stock. The vise is a small quick action vise, using a lever to operate the action.

This photo shows the base of a Flex Arm Lamp; it's some copper sweat fittings that accommodates the base of the lamp, and fits into the 3/4 inch dog holes. It is isolated from the vibrations of work by some foam doughnuts. It can be moved to any of the dog holes.

The bench in work mode.