The Work Bench, or How To Hold Stuff

My bench, 74 inches long, by 13 inches wide, 2 inch thick top, sides of top 3 1/4 inches. The base is trestle construction, floating tenons in runners, with bolts and captured nuts pulling it together. The feet are bolted to the floor. The top gravity rests on dowels in the top feet.

Just to the right of the foot on the right are two paving bricks; there to rest a foot on, just change the stance when standing at the bench for a while.

My studio is a wooden framed house, so I have the luxury of standing on wooden floors; more forgiving than concrete. What is left of my knees thank me.

The bench has been fluffed for its appearance on the interwebs; I removed the worst of the paint, a light sanding and a quick "oil and wax", though I've replaced the oil with shellac. I try and treat my equipment carefully, though to do a job, sometimes slobbering happens. Easy to fluff up, every "Blue Moon".

More to come on the vises, and actually holding work.