Scratch Stock

 Using the scratch stock, as mentioned here.

Mine is from Lee Valley Tools. They come with some preground cutters, but the idea is to make your own. Using small grinders, files, etc., it's possible to make almost any small molding element required. The "scraping" part is hard, as it's mostly "grunt" labor, though compared to the time spent setting up, jigging, fencing, etc. not much beyond the use of power tools. Power tools are great, but sometimes, doing it by hand is just quicker and easier.

The stock, some cutters, and a stick of molding.

Here, I talk about holding the stick of molding, the other key element in woodworking. The stick above still needs the waste around the beads removed, then a small cove molded at the front, rabbetted, all which will be done with the shaper with power feeder.