End of an Era


Yesterday, truely the passimg of an era.
I'm a long time fan of cycling, and enjoy the TdF a lot. One of the more poignant moments for me was in 96, when Lance abandoned the tour on a fog and mist enshrouded mountain side; took his number off, and drifted back down the mountain, into the fog, none of us knowing the pain he felt was the cancer riddleing him. He survived to become the champion of champions. Today was sad, though handled with grace and humour, through the pain. After his third crash, fourth in this tour, he stood, hands on hips, looking at his bike, then mounted and "sat up", knowing that the tour he had dominated completely, finally had turned on hin.  I hope that he will finish, help his team, and enjoy  "Le grand boucle" as just a "rider".

Mural by Shepard Fairey, Photo uncredited.