Above, correction of a MISTAKE; one that I seem to need to repeat every blue moon, as the mistake always involves One Inch, too short or too narrow, and always one inch. In this case, I was ripping stock for some 3 1/2 inch wide moldings, which I very carefully measured and set my fence on the table saw to exactly 2 1/2 inches. Fairly easy fix, as I did have the right size stock to work from, and other than the time involved to glue the missing inch onto the sticks, not really a problem, though the few minutes of unease after realizing the mistake ... and then thinking it through, pfui. Because my bench is flat, I can use it as a caul, a pressure plate for clamping operations.

It has been said that a master is not one who doesn't make mistakes, but one who knows how to correct them when a mistake is made. Just glad this one wasn't worse.

 Here, the cleaned up sticks, ready to be molded. I "lost" about an 1/8th of an inch in thickness cleaning the faces of glue, etc., but I was oversize, so I'm still within my design parameters.