Modernist frame

Peter Blume, "The Buoy", Art Institute of Chicago

This is an example of the delightful polychrome finishes from the "Modernist" period of the 1940s-50s. They are characterized by broad, but simple moldings, and in lieu of ornaments, textured gesso, followed by washes of polychrome that are rubbed, scrubbed, and abused to achieve some beautiful effects. The textures range from the combing, seen above, splattering, scumbling, and sort of slathering with a palette knife, like impasto knife painting.

The above frame is a touch "loud" for my taste, though I think it works. I'm from that ancient school of framers who wants the frame to enhance rather than announce it's presence. Not that I'm always innocent. Here, though it hides it's freak flag well.