Works Progress Administration

Another painting in process, top, and a better image of the one in the previous post. The one on top is essentially done, only needing some air brush glazing with egg yolk and water to even the sheen. The one on the bottom needs a little tonal "fussing", but is also, essentially done ... but, they both need the frosting ... the FRAME. I feel such a dinosour, frames, how quaint.

The "dune" painting started from a photo, but has wandered off in directions of it's own. It is somewhat large for me, 12 x 24. The "sunset" is based on an existing watercolor, but it has also wandered off, seeking it's own path I guess. It is dimensionally, 6 x 12. All dimensions are in inches, and height precedes width; customary museum practice. Some picture framers and some wood butchers reverse that ... but they are just wrong. I asked my wife, a former museum registrar, whether the American Association of Museums had set the standard; she laughed, and said no, it came from the "book". Dorothy H. Dudley and others, Museum Registration Methods.

Here, from the Museum of Modern Art, a brief bio of Ms. Dudley.

So, just for the record, height precedes width  ....  OK?

Get it right ... and the bluebird of happiness will do ...   whatever ...  OK?