More monochrome, arcane minutiae

The start of a sketch, a riverine landscape, on my drafting table that I use for sketching and painting. I was working with my Pelikan pen, Richard Binder nib, Noodlers ink, on Strathmore plate Bristol, when the gentleman who sold me the pen, called me on my picture viewer to discuss some frames. ( I'm using my iPhone as a picture viewer ) I work from photos, as I have children, dogs, old houses, cats, leaky studios, and old vehicles all requiring some attention, not to mention the occasional customer. Looking forward to when one of the kids gets an iPad, so I can borrow it.

The sketch is where I rough out the general composition, the sweep and flow. This will, if I make a painting from it, will be planar, horizontally, of a plain, undramatic landscape. I seem to enjoy a certain undramatic scene.

Photos are a start; I'm not trying to duplicate the photo, and I often combine elements, as I'm trying for a feeling of place and time, and the emotive qualities of a plain and simple landscape ...  the above may be a touch too dramatic. It's not that I can't be dramatic ... just my best stuff seems of the ordinary.