Sort of Off Topic

This is sort of vaguely transpo related, driving music. Driving back from doing some work on my mothers house, dirty, tired, dust in my nose and eyes, I'm listening to Jimi Hendrix, and I start thinking, and Lucas Davenport's 100 ( Lucas Davenport is the creation of John Sandford, a Minnesota Cop, in Sandford's crime novels. Google: Lucas Davenport 100.) comes in, and I know I have some differences there, and I think of a playlist, driving music. You, know, windows open, top down, loud, not rap loud, but the next car can probably hear it loud.

Jimi, All Along the Watchtower, even Dylan thought this cover was great.
Doors, LA Women
Stones, I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Derek and the Dominoes, Layla
Paul Butterfield Blues Band, East West. This is a very important piece; it's the roots of the San Francisco sound, including the Grateful Dead, and their "long" versions. Band from Hyde Park, south side of Chicago, early sixties.
Little Wing, My favorite version, Stevie Ray Vaughn
ad infinitum ...

You get the idea? I emailed some folks about this, and my fellow framewright, Baer, wanted to throw in some classical. At this point, driving music is the only criteria. 100, or 10, whatever. Classical, or classic rock, whatever. Whats going to keep you awake, and focused while driving. Cross town, or cross country. I'm interested, and will post lists if you email them to me, and all 900 some visitors to my site, per month, will be interested; we'll all be famous and wealthy.