Pauvre Petits

Todays special, slush. Poor Bears. The great blizzard of February 26-27 seems to have sidled on by leaving a thin layer of slush. Not much frame posting, though I am working, slowly, on a post about sharpening. Mostly, I've been spending extra time wrestling with my main website, and a very buggy email program, both of which have had problems. I've abandoned Apples Mail for Postbox, and so far it works the way it should. The Apple program kept losing not only my settings, but also being sulky about connecting properly, even when the settings were reinstalled. PFUI. I've used both Windows and Apple, and like Apple products, but .... they too, fall down.

Slush and fog. Our weather alternates from slushy meltdowns, to frigid fluffy snow, then back.

And a photo of the Saint Joseph river from our downtown South Bend Convention and Museum of Art building. The structures in the foreground are part of the race and dam complex, upstream to the right, originally providing power.