The Morning Walk, Random Thoughts and Images.

Bright, sunny, crisp morning, sans snow and gloom.

The Online Photographer, which sometimes has posts about photography, has had some recent posts and commentary touching on Fame, with related" woulda, shoulda, coulda " angst. My chosen medium, of wood, gesso and gilt, is in a field that embraces obscurity as part of its ethos. I am, however, not inured to the desire for some acknowledgement. I'm proud that one of my frames has been accessioned as an object of sculpture in a museum collection, and I'm told, is quite popular with the tour groups.

Though I have studied and worked as a photographer, it was never for me something I wanted to do full time. As with my painting, quiet, slightly melancholic views of the unspectacular, at odds with the contemporary art of my time; for a variety of reasons I've been unwilling to expend the energy of exhibition and promotion. I usually sign frames on the back, obscured from view, so it should be no surprise that my paintings are also signed on the back, with only a small monogram on the front. Apparently I'm comfortable being obscure, regardless of medium or material; flashy, bravura, bombast is not conducive to any message I'm trying to convey.

The regrets, cringe inducing idiocies, mistakes and malfeasances of my life are not about career, or choices and decisions related to the artistic life I lead. I'm comfortable with those decisions, and maybe  I'm getting to a level of maturity that allows me to not indulge in the dangerous fun of regrets and guilt over the other life choices and stupidities. Eschew guilt, and obfuscation, too.

Work smarter, not harder. PFUI, sometimes you can get so "smart" that you don't get anything done.

Images are from my new walkabout camera, a Canon Elph 110 HS. A little research has led me to what seems to hit the "Goldielocks" point in a pocket camera. My only complaint is that it is a little hard to hold one handed; so I added a small piece of Velcro loop material as a "gripper" for my thumb. Much better.

Eschew guilt, obfuscation, be proud and carry on. 8-)

An aside, that obfuscation is very much in keeping with my personal, artistic ethos. Eschew art that needs several chapters of verbosity to "explain". And, yes, that is one of my famous attic window images, though that wasn't the idea.
Here, have another:

From an older and bigger pocket camera, now promoted to official "In the Car Camera", Canon SD 800 IS