Completely, totally, off ... topic ... totally, uh, huh!

Albert Bierstadt, "Western Kansas"

Best country/western song ever .... "Someday Soon", by Ian Tyson, the old Canadian Cowboy, heck, he's even older than me, and still performing.

Best Western Movie; "Open Range", made for TV I believe, but Robert Duvall, Kevin Costner, and ..............  Annette Benning, love her presence on screen. A quiet acceptance of what is, and moving forward proudly, and this is coming from somebody who sides with the native Americans most of the time. Well done movie, that is closer to the way it probably was, than any John Ford epic. Hollywood close, of course.

The image, by the New York studio artist, Albert Bierstadt. I'm not sure he ever actually went to the west, but like much about the west, the iconographic, mythological WEST, supersedes reality.

This is all due to working late, and listening to a playlist that covers a large range; pop, rock, reggae, to some classical,  but ........ hey .... it's still the best C/W song ever! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.