Bloomington, Indiana Courthouse with War Monument in foreground.

A detail of an eroded Abraham Lincoln tableau, Bloomington.

And some shots of The Indianapolis Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Click on the label "Civil War" at right for more on this and some other monuments, as well as some images from when "Victory" or "Lady Liberty" was down from her lofty height for some restoration work.

Bison and bears. The tarnish on the bison is from water. In warmer weather, the monument is a fountain, with a small stream issuing from the bison's mouth.

A very nice "Deco" building in the background.

I like this image as it shows the "exaggerated" forms of large scale sculpture, which look, when viewed from a distance, normal.

Another, bears, bison, and Indiana's Capitol building, far background. I've never been quite sure of what it is the bears are doing.