Are Critics Neccessary?

The above photo has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of this post. What was I thinking?

The following is a response to a post on the site, Enticing the Light , which stated that one should seek critiques of ones "personal" work.

I disagree about the first point; I think it leads to homogenized art, rather than a personal vision. If you listen to critics, you might dilute the hard won personal vision, or abdicate it entirely. Image making is non-verbal communication, and to critique it by verbal communication, doesn't always work. Sorry, but most criticism of the visual arts, is, well, just a lot of, excuse me, blather. White noise, dogs barking at the passing parade. If you, as an artist, have studied, worked, and yeah, even read about your medium; and have some "vision", you don't need critiques. If you need to make sales, listen to the critics; but if you have a personal vision, really, ignore them.

And, finally, it is not science, nor history , so much as fashion and opinion, both of which can and do change