Two Legged Rocking Chair

This is a small rocker, like a sewing rocker, or nursing chair.  28”h.  x  48” l.  x  23 1/2 w. 
The seat height is 18” at the front, 15” rear.  Hand carved, completely. Black Walnut. Laminated seat, legs and rockers. Until recently, I have seen only a few two legged rocking chairs. I'm posting about it because I realized I've not mentioned it's two legged aspect, on my other site. In another post I talk a little more about it.

Soon, I'm going to try and figure out when I made it???? Can't find the file on it.

Addenda: The chair above was probably made in early 1989, as it was in an exhibition in the fall of 89, and the one with arms, below was made in early 2002. I have records for the chair w/arms.

 Two Legged Rocker with Arms, 2002
Black Walnut
Private Collection

Probably time to make another.
Another Edit: The chair with arms was made in 2002, not as previously posted, 1992.