An unfinished frame, recent, and below, a large box-o-ornaments for my next project.

On an unrelated note to work, though integral to work, my 6 month old iPhone started acting weird today; it's a 3Gs, and would not charge from any of the 5 places in the house, van or studio that it can be plugged in. That's a problem, as this model needs to be close to power, the newer operating system is battery intensive. Logged into Apple, made an appointment at the Genius bar, and 15 minutes after arriving at the store, I was walking out with a new phone. Way to go Apple. When the Princess, who has my iPhone 4, (when I upgraded from the 2g model, I told her she could have the 4, and I would take her 3) got it wet, Apple replaced it with a refurb, as a one time deal. Interesting, as on the etherwebs, the comments are they charge $200.00. I'm thinking the 4 model might be very easily damaged by moisture, so Apple is just replacing the phones, and refurbing the damaged ones. Whatever, it's nice to have a problem resolved quickly and efficiently. Thanks, Apple.

When my Canon G9 died, there were a bunch of companies offering fixes for the problem, and it was out of warranty, so I went with the company that was closest. When the iPhone 4 got wet, my research showed there were a bunch of companies offering to resurrect the phone, for around $40.00. My point being that sometimes these problems are endemic to a particular model. I thought I would check with the Apple store on the wet phone, and that worked out; probably should have checked with Canon, when the G9 died, but I also knew that it would take a few weeks with them, and most of the repair companies would try and get the camera back in under a week. (The G9 has a well known problem of screws coming loose internally, and shorting out the power system.) Great little camera, though.