Tools and gadgets.

The big frame wrapped and ready for transport. Glad it's done and out.

For a long time I've carried a small flashlight in one or the other pocket, though I dislike carrying a lot in my pockets. At the top are two incandescent Maglite Solitaires. The problem with them is they throw very little light, and are finicky. Difficult to keep working. With the advent of LED lights, about a year and a half ago I went to a Fenix EO5, the light in the middle. Very bright, and efficient use of batteries, but it has succumbed to blunt force trauma; dropped once too many times. Now Maglite is making the Solitaire in an LED version. Brighter than the Fenix, and has the Maglite focusing ability, though somewhat limited. It now hangs from a Nite Ize S-biner; a double gated carabiner that doesn't pinch and poke like single gated carabiners, hooked to a belt loop.

 Other tools that I carry. That chunky thing is a Swiss+Tech keyring tool, stainless steel, with very functional, though diminutive selection of tools. Then my Case Mini-Copperhead with a wharncliffe blade. The problem with the Swiss+Tech is it makes for a heavy keyring, so I'm upgrading by going heavier. 8-)

 A Leatherman Skeletool CX.

 The blade can be opened one-handed, and closed by depressing the blade lock (arrow), and carefully pushing the blade closed. In the million or so reviews and videos on line, depressing the blade lock is never mentioned. The next image shows the lock button (arrow) for the bits, which are interchangeable. A nice feature. The design of this tool has evolved since introduction, with the bit lock added and blade going from half serrated to full straight. Early models had a tendency to lose bits.

A minimalist multi-tool, and though I gain in weight 1.4 ounces, it's more comfortable as I can clip the Skeletool to my belt. Also, a tool that is easier to use than the knife and keyring tool combined.

These tools are not for heavy use; quick fixes when a single purpose tool isn't at hand. Generally I find single purpose tools more efficient and more capable, but sometimes they are far away, and this tool is attached to me.

The Case knife won't be retired; it will be my "dressed up" carry tool, and though this post is about EDC (every day carry) tools, I don't think I'm going to be blathering on about EDC more than this post. (I didn't realize there is a whole culture of EDC folks out there).