Tools, again.

Various tool drawers and holders. Bottom, foreground is a drawer of hand tools; pliers, nippers cutters, adjustable wrenches and a lot of different screw drivers. Bottom, background is the drawer for measuring and marking tools, including moisture meters, ohm meters, tape measures, squares and small rulers. I have both 4 inch and twelve inch Starrett adjustable squares. Expensive, but accurate. Above those 2 drawers is the drawer for the most used carving chisels. I am very minimalist about carving tools, owning and using only a few dozen. Some carvers own and use hundreds. Various brands, Sculpture House, Henry Taylor, Who Knows, and of late, my brand of choice, the Swiss made Pfeil tools, available in the states from Woodcraft Supply. Well designed tools, octagonal handles so they don't roll, and good steel that comes polished and sharpened and holds an edge. The drawer just above the carving tools has small saws, larger files and rasps, carving tools that seldom get used, and odds and ends, including a supply of ear plugs. Brand of choice: Mack's shooters ear plugs, with the highest rating of any of the small foam type plugs, 32 dcb. They also compress nicely allowing them to be inserted easily. Attached to the wall is a small rack for small files, rifflers and rasps. On top of the carving tool chest is a small group of hand planes that see the most use. In the cabinet below the two red drawers are power hand tools, sanders, grinders routers, etc. I occasionally use a router. Mine is a Porter Cable with interchangeable bases; standard and a plunge base. It also is set up to rout circles. See here.