Studio Scenes, II

Studio scenes, see here.

A corner of the "kitchen" which is where glue and gesso are cooked, shellacs prepared and a lot of materials are stored. Above, with labels. The acrylics are used for "faux finishes".

Another part of the former kitchen. This is the rack for my dry pigments, for egg tempera painting. The top row is for inks for my small collection of fountain pens, Mostly for writing, though there is one that is a dedicated drawing tool, and another that sometimes is used for drawing. Both of those are filled with Noodler's "Heart of Darkness" black ink. Just to the right of the rack, a carved dowel rod, that I use as a mahl stick. Mine does not have a round, padded end, as my stick doesn't move, so I see no need for one. To the left of the rack, brightness, is a north facing window. I also use a combination of an incandescent light and a florescent light, which comes close to the north light I get from the window. To the left of the rack, on the wide shelf at the bottom is a glass palette, and two covered water containers for brush cleaning. I have a spray bottle filled with distilled water, for thinning mixtures, nearby.