Free Form Carving

In a previous post, here, Studio Scenes III, I mention a random orbit sander. There are actually two, except for color, identical machines. The one in the back, light gray, has a flexible pad, for sanding curved forms. The black one has the standard pad for flat surfaces. Below, some other tools for free form carving, both for furniture and picture frames.

Left to right, a small electric chain saw, an industrial grinder, that has grinding heads, cut-off heads, sanding pads, and just in front, a chain saw wheel. To the right of that, an air die grinder, fitted with a large carbide burr. There are a variety of cutters, grind wheels, cut off wheels, etc., available for it. I have a slightly smaller one that has different size collets allowing me to use some of the same tools for my Foredom tool, here. Then, the random orbit sander with the flexible pad.

Some examples of frames and furniture that used some or all of the tools mentioned above: