Rantings from the Right

A nice picture of Violet, AKA Little Bit, and Big Fin, AKA Big Fin.

Recently, a State Representative, from Fort Wayne, sent a letter railing against the Girl Scouts of America to his fellow legislators. He connected them to Planned Parenthood, and a letter sent to Indiana lawmakers from Rep. Bob Morris (R-Fort Wayne), which explained why he would not support a resolution honoring the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts. In the letter, Morris accuses the Girl Scouts of "encouraging sex," being a "tactical arm of Planned Parenthood" and listing only "feminists, lesbians and Communists" as role models. 

Well, Fort Wayneites, it seems "Mad Anthony Wayne" is still the guiding spirit of your fair town. Be proud! He did send an apology letter; basically saying he was still right, but should have been gentler in his diatribe.

Sheeesh! Follow that with the Federal Judge in Montana, who seems mystified that the nasty, vulgar, misogynistic, and raciest joke about the President of the United States, he was forwarding to his pals would be offensive to a lot of people  ...  good grief. Alternative universes, indeed. You know folks, you keep letting these maroons into office, pretty soon you're going to get one with an itchy finger ... ohh ... ohh ...  too late, already happened. Nevermind.

And, if I were a republican, I'd be embarrassed to admit it, considering some of the rantings coming from the "main stream" candidates. When did outright lying become standard for political debate? I'm not talking "normal political prevarication", no, no, this is whoppers of such grandiose hyperbole, as to really question what universe I am in. (Quietly, I blame it all on that paragon of lying, gaseous, demagogic, egotistic fear mongers, Rush. Political savant?  No, No , strictly entertainment, if your tastes run to lions and Christians.)

Well, I rant, therefore I am ... Me. Have a nice day!