A corner of a recent frame, aluminium leaf,  over gessoed basswood, hand carved.

I talk about tools, but in a general way.  If you follow photography, there is an almost obsessive interest in the tools, and the qualities inherent in the different brands, and the minutia of lenses and bodies, flashes and LED lights over fluorescent lights, ad infinitum. I'm not immune to the fascination, though I tend to study, buy, and then get on with learning and using the tools, and losing any interest in the research aspects, the obsessing over which is better, which is going to produce masterpieces, and oh, if only I had this or that, then the work would sing. PFUI!

It's not the tools ... oh, they help, they can make you more efficient, they could even raise you a level, if you were ready to be raised. No, it's still the one using the tool that is most important. If you can, do the research, buy the best tools you can afford, because you will spend less time fighting them, but then, use them, and don't waste time on what could have been, or what might be down the road. In a nod to "It's a MMMM World", Terry Thomas, it would probably be better to have an infantile fascination with mammary's, then to obsess over tools.

I have spoken. 8-)