Safety Devices

My table saw with some safety devices. The yellow and orange wheels are known as "Board Buddies". The colors indicate the direction in which the wheels will roll. The yellow ones mounted on the fence, with the blade to the left of the fence, turn only in a clockwise direction. The wood would feed from the right to the left in the photo. They are spring loaded, holding the work both down and against the fence. The orange wheels turn in a counter clockwise direction, for use with the blade to the right of the fence. The reason for the one directional turn is to prevent the wood from kicking back. The saw is European, and has a European style blade guard. Upper left of the photo, the little box dangling from the black knob holds another safety device; earplugs, which I use almost always, whenever I turn a tool on.

This photo shows some spring hold downs, which I use when the stock is too big for the "Board Buddies", or the operation requires more"hold". Originally, the spring hold downs were for my shaper, but I use a power feeder there.

In this photo, these are some of the "push" sticks I use for narrow stock, or thin sheets of plywood, sometimes with other hold downs or with out, just using the sticks to control the material. The ply bases on the two at the left are "sacrificial", in order to get the stock completely through the blade.

And, last, but certainly not the least important device ...