Wood Shaper

My wood shaper.  No 1 is the broken lifting nut. (See previous posts) No 2 is the power feeder which pushes the stock past the cutters, and prevents the wood from being flung by the force of the cutters. When feeding stock by hand, the material is pushed into the cutter; this produces tearout; with the feeder I can climb cut; smoother cuts, and I'm never near the spinning cutter.

Facing the machine, with the cutter spinning counter clock wise, hand feed from the right; power feed from the left.

The machine is speckled because to the right is where I do most of my spraying and finishing. I use a "lazy susan" to revolve frames, and there is an explosion proof exhaust fan.

The clamps, left side of the machine are there for when the regular bolts for the fence won't work; then I use the clamps to hold the fence.

The motor on the feeder is a different color than the rest; it needed to be rewound, and it got painted in the process.