Moping and other Vises

Vice or vise? Probably both, as real moping can be a bad habit and constrain us from being productive. I did a little of that, machine down, part on back order everywhere, left hand at about 25%; then another kind of moping, sometimes hard to tell which is which. But, as I'm thinking through a problem, I might be watching TV, or pacing about, cooking lunch ... anything but appearing productive. Sometimes, though, space, distance, and a little time is needed, and so a chunk of this afternoon was spent resolving my current quandary. I often combine the heavy shaper, power fed, and hand work with planes and scratch stocks. Now, I'm going to have to do more hand work, and use the table saw for wood wasting. It will take longer, but I can probably be done, molded, carved and finished by the time I could get custom or pre-made moldings shipped. I do have an old router table in the basement, but not the bits, and I frankly am scared of router tables. With the shaper, I can climb cut, power fed, and I'm never near the cutters.

Ways of working, and sometimes what appears aimless, is actually quite productive, resolving issues and providing direction,
On a personal note, the finger is still swollen, turning a softer shade of purple, but feeling better.