Inlet splines redux.

This is a redo of an earlier post about inlet splines. I reinforce the backs of my mitered frames with either blind frames or inlet splines.

Here, the inletting process, using a half inch groover, to remove approximately 1 inch of material, either an eighth or quarter inch, depending on the thickness of the plywood I'm using for the splines. The splines are 2 inches wide, thus 1 inch from each of the eight miters. The wood hand clamp is being used as a stop, so all of the inlets are the same.

Here, the fitting process to the joined frame. The block to the right, in the vise is for holding the splines as I use the small block plane to shave material to fit them. It's sized to just hold the spline, without clamping, so I can quickly flip, and or remove the spline.

Here, I'm marking the parts to be cut off, by laying a straight edge against one leg and over the spline. The splines will be trimmed using a band saw, cutting from the face so any tear out is on the back side.