Super Bowl Sunday

 Civil War Memorial
City Center, Indianapolis, with Capitol Dome in background.

Some random thoughts for a pleasant Sunday afternoon. The American football championship is this evening, in Indianapolis, and features the brother, Eli, of Peyton Manning, star quarterback for the Indy Colts. Of what coverage of the event I have watched, Eli is usually referred to as the "kid brother"or "little brother" of Peyton. Why not just "brother"?

The Federal investigation into Lance Armstrong, 7 time Tour De France winner has been dropped after 2 years, with no charges filed. LA's detractors can't believe he won 7 Tours with out cheating. Greg LeMond, a 3 time winner, is quite vocal about it, claiming that he (Greg) could have won more but for everybody elses performance enhancement, and is convinced that LA cheated. A question for Greg, though, is why did his (Greg's) individual TT record stand for 15 years after the 1989 tour, if he was clean and everybody else was drugged, then and afterwards?

Greg famously weighed his equipment; LA weighed everything, including the food he ingested. LA is fiercely competitive, obsessive about every detail, and willing to work incredibly hard, including expecting the same from his team. LA also came from a triathlete background; I'm convinced that swimming is one of the best exercises for building the big "engine", the ability to use oxygen. Put all of that together, including a willingness to intimidate and dominate his competitors, and you have a very credible, multi-tour winner.

Dorothea Tanning, the last of the original group of Surrealists, died this week at 101 years old.