Injuries and minor catastrophes.

Flying Sea Rat

My large wood shaper broke this week, disabled by a relatively small part, a bronze lifting nut. In the process of dismantling the machine  to ensure that was the problem, I most capably caught my middle finger, left hand, between some cast iron and a hard place. Initially, I thought it was broken, and was contemplating an ER visit, and how much time and money that would cost. However, as I examined it more, I decided that it was the sort of injury that not much can be done about. That finger has a misshaped nail from an encounter with a saw. In fact, my left hand has had every finger injured, some multiple times, some bloody, though I still have all of the fingers. No stitches, as being shredded doesn't require stitching. Some minor numbness in the tip of my forefinger, and for a while, swelling, discoloration, and pain in the middle finger.

Left hand injuries can be explained by me being right handed, though ambidextrous when carving. My left leg, has had a lot of injuries; severe ankle sprains, a blown knee, and a lot of scars on the shin, as well as an over stressed plantar fascia. One injury to my right wrist, the only injury stitches I've had, from a deep gash. I've no idea why my left leg gets injured more.

Injuries seem a part of working with machines and very sharp tools; sometimes, even the most careful get caught, though my right wrist was from slipping on a ladder, and catching the wrist on the door of an electrical panel.

Occasionally, there are intimations of "problems", a feeling of "wrongness" in an operation. In reading and talking to others, this happens enough to be noted, though I have no desire to try and explain or deny this as a phenomenon, just that it exists. Probably worth listening too.

In other news, in 1238, those pesky Mongols burned the Russian city of Vladimir. Go Mongols! (Dad always said there were some Mongols in the wood pile).

1865, Delaware does not ratify the Thirteenth amendment, abolishing slavery, ; not ratified by Delaware until 1901. Delaware was considered a slave state. (I should have paid attention in geography class). The amendment was ratified in 1865, with some states ratifying it later; Texas, 1870, Delaware1901, Kentucky, 1976, and Mississippi, 1995.